Christian stewardship is a lifestyle based on:

  • God's Word

  • Christ's example

  • The Holy Spirit's leading

That theology permeates everything we are at Stewardship Enrichment.

Our Mission:

To help the individual members in each church "grow in the grace of giving": time, talent, testimony, thought, treasure and trust ( II Corinthians 8).

Our History:

In 1978 God placed on the heart of Del Rogers a desire to bring stewardship back to its scriptural base and thereby eliminate the human pressure tactics that church fund raisers were using.

Our program - STEWARDSHIP ENRICHMENT - has literally changed forever the way churches raise money. God has blessed our ministry because we are true to His Word, we honor Him, and we lift His people.

It continues to be an awesome experience to see how God uses Stewardship Enrichment, Inc. to fund the vision for His church by providing the education and instruction for your church's fundraising project!

Stewardship Enrichment Accomplishments:

  • Stewardship Enrichment is a 36 year old Capital Campaign company and capital campaigns are all that we do.
  • Stewardship Enrichment has completed 3,500 Capital Campaigns nationally.
  • Stewardship Enrichment has raised $3 Billion to fund the Kingdom of God.
  • Stewardship Enrichment is a Biblical capital campaign company modeled after Exodus 35, 1 Chronicles 28-29, 2 Corinthians 8-9.
  • Stewardship Enrichment has impacted hundreds of thousands of God's people by helping them grow in the grace of giving.
Stewardship Enrichment Church Fundraising