Why did you need to hire a Campaign Consultant?

Christ Our King was a transplant of a congregation that left the Episcopal Church in 2008.  We had been worshiping in space owned by another church in our community and then at a local private Christian school.  We had obtained a large parcel of property early in our existence and now were in need of our own space.  The places for Sunday worship were now too small and we continued to be handicapped with the lack of ministry and worship space to use during the week.  So, we were in need of raising funds to construct our first building. The SE consultant guided and coached us through the process.

Why did you hire SE as Consultants?

First of all, I had them recommended to me by a church leader that I knew to share the same values of prayer, stewardship and dependence upon God.  Second, when we met the consultant we knew that we were being served by someone who was a genuine follower and servant of Jesus and His church.  Third, we were convinced that their strategy was not to “strong arm” the most prosperous in the parish but to raise the spiritual commitment level of all by biblical stewardship education.  And all of that was bathed in last but not least, prayer.  The whole parish was involved in prayer.

What was the result of your Campaign?

The results of the Campaign were transformational.  Many lives were touched by the Lord moving them into a deeper spiritual maturity.  This not only affected their giving but their participation in the ministry and prayer life of the parish.  We have more prayer teams in the parish that are praying for the mission and ministry of the church.  Not only did the Campaign experience serve to further unify the current leaders, it also raised up new leaders, many who continue to serve.  And we ended up with pledges that totaled more than four times our annual budget.