Why did you need to hire a Campaign Consultant?

Our project has been two decades in the making. The church campus is located in a downtown area of the city that is still very vital with houses all around us. We did not believe God to be leading us out of our location so we needed to finish out the campus with a new multipurpose facility. Our vision is to provide a space that accommodates two important groups in our church. The first floor provides Sunday School space for our Senior Adult ministry and a space that will seat up to 400 people. The space will be used for worship, banquets, wedding receptions and many other types of events. The second floor will house our youth ministry. This is an important space as our city is growing and the opportunity for reaching students with the gospel is unlimited. 
Stewardship Enrichment helped us to narrow our focus for fund raising. I have never had to lead a campaign to raise millions of dollars. They provided crucial leadership and experience that allowed us to communicate the message naturally and allow our people to seek God’s direction for their family in giving to the project.

Why did you hire SE as Consultants?

The Project Finance team interviewed several companies to help us with raising funds. Stewardship Enrichment and the other companies presented the same basic message. The difference for us was their approach. Of course, their consultants are experienced and have led projects of all sizes. They really do know what they are talking about when it comes to raising funds for the Kingdom. And, their promise of walking with us through each step of the campaign was fulfilled. 
Two aspects of Stewardship Enrichment’s consultants stood out to me: allowing God to lead people and the humility they demonstrated in working with us. From the beginning, SE led our people to pray for God’s leadership in their lives. How is God leading you to be a part of this project? There was no pressure from the pastor or staff that had to be put on the church to give. God would speak to His people and His people listened and responded. Second, SE consultants are champions of the pastor and staff. Their heart is for the church to be strong and fulfill the call of God. I never felt that we were just another ‘church’ but fellow believers that they were helping to fulfill the vision the Lord has given us.

What was the result of your Campaign?

This project had been on the agenda of the church for many years. Through the years there were starts to the project but all of those starts were never completed. Moving the church to an actual financial campaign was a victory in itself. The approach from SE provided a way to allow our people to deal with this issue personally. Of course, we developed a theme for the campaign but the emphasis was on the individual and their relationship with the Lord. Individually our trust in the Lord was tested and grew.
As a result of the project, we were able to raise over $1 million in pledges. Since that time and because of the progress made, we have received a total of over $1.5 million to date with more promised. 
Because of the SE campaign we are watching a two-decade old vision come to life. The first step was hiring SE.