1. Stewardship Enrichment provides assessment, evaluation and strategy to determine if a campaign is needed, if your church needs a consultant and how much you have the potential to raise. THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR THIS INITIAL ASSESSMENT.

  2. Plan and design a campaign that matches the culture and personality of your church family. Make a timeline that works with your church calendar. SE consultant works closely with Pastor and other Leaders to accomplish a project plan that meets your needs.

  3. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT - KEY TO SUCCESS. A Stewardship Enrichment professional consultant works with Pastor to identify, enlist and train campaign Leadership Team. VISION DEVELOPMENT also begins at this stage, with involvement of staff and lay leaders.

  4. INVOLVE THE CONGREGATION - 2nd KEY TO SUCCESS. With Stewardship Enrichment , you will have more lay involvement than any other project the church has done. This participation from the congregation includes small groups, Bible studies, prayer teams, media preparation, event planning, youth activities, and hospitality. With STEWARDSHIP ENRICHMENT (SE), your church family will not only catch the VISION, they will OWN THE VISION!

  5. SPIRITUAL PREPARATION - 3rd and MOST IMPORTANT KEY TO SUCCESS. The honest examination of what scripture really says about giving leads the entire church family to a new level of freedom in their own life. Focus on prayer, devotionals and testimonies are vital to each individual's experience with Christ, and the transformation that comes as a result.

  6. Vision Casting and call to commitment, led by the Senior Pastor and Campaign Director. A unique FIRST FRUITS OFFERING culminates the initial effort, and begins a journey of 2 to 3 years of experiencing God in our giving. Be prepared to hear dynamic testimonies!

Our Process: 3 Steps

Step One: Define Your Vision

Step Two: Create a Strategic Plan

Step Three: Complete Your God Given Plan