God’s word makes it pretty clear, “The mind of man makes plans, but it is God who directs our steps.” A plan is always under the scrutiny of God himself, because it is He who knows where we are headed and how we are to get there.

Stewardship Enrichment (SE) has been helping churches make a plan in the midst of God’s plan for over 35 years.  Stewardship Enrichment  has completed 3500 capital campaigns that have helped churches finance, build new facilities and purchase land by raising Billions of dollars to fund the kingdom of God.

Stewardship Enrichment  has helped many churches, pastors, staff and leaders fulfill their God given plan. We have consulted with thousands of church leaders in their planning process and walked along side them in every detail of the plan. Stewardship Enrichment  has helped many pastors and leaders develop a viable plan, leading to new facilities and completion of the vision.

Stewardship Enrichment  is a program based on God’s Word where we invite the Holy Spirit into every facet of the campaign. As a result, Stewardship Enrichment has witnessed the movement of the Holy Spirit in the lives of hundreds of thousands of Christians over the years to grasp and complete their God given plan.

For more information on how to Make A Plan, view the Case Studies portion of this website for actual Stewardship Enrichment churches and the impact that  Stewardship Enrichment has had on them in completing their plan.

Lead Pastor Duane Lowe
Associate Pastor Devin Lowe