A goal specifically stated means, "something that you are trying to do or achieve". Let Stewardship Enrichment (SE) help you think through what your goals are for your church and how we can help you accomplish them. Whether your goal is construction, relocation, remodel, or debt retirement, let Stewardship Enrichment help you in that endeavor.

Pulling the trigger on a Capital Campaign is a big decision and one that is not to be taken lightly. But as the Bible states clearly we are to seek wise counsel, and Stewardship Enrichment is here to help you with our 35 years of experience in campaigns accomplished through a Biblical process.

Stewardship Enrichment has been used of God in 3500 campaigns across our great nation and helped raise Billions of dollars in the process. Stewardship Enrichment uses a step by step process, and we bring the necessary procedures, training and coaching for a successful campaign.

Stewardship Enrichment can help you strategically think through and ask the question of what the next step should be in your facilities plan. We will help you and your church clearly define your goals and proceed forward.

Stewardship Enrichment can help take the mystery out of a capital campaign and make it a matter of prayer in accomplishing God's goals for your congregation.

For more information on What Is Your Goal, view the Case Studies portion of this website for actual Stewardship Enrichment churches and the impact that Stewardship Enrichment has had on helping them in reaching their goals!

Lead Pastor Duane Lowe
Associate Pastor Devin Lowe