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Who Is Stewardship Enrichment?

Stewardship Enrichment was founded in 1978 as church fundraising consultants. Since this time, Stewardship Enrichment has been able to help thousands of churches reach their fundraising goals.

Church Fundraising Campaigns

Fundraising is not an easy process; there are various steps and objects to consider. Depending on the community, surrounding area, amount of money, and the project for which the money will be used determines the type of fundraising techniques that will be implemented.

Over the years, the Stewardship Enrichment church fundraising team has been able to define and pinpoint various techniques in order to create a completely unique, beneficial plan for churches and ministries. We operate on a successful, three point system:

1. Define The Vision

What is the vision that God has given the church? Without vision, there can be no plan. A clear vision brings forth excitement and determination. Most importantly, it gives one a place to start. Having a clear vision also excites members of the church to come forth and give towards the project. Stewardship Enrichment assists churches in defining their vision in order to efficiently communicate to the congregation and lead them towards action.

2. Create a Strategic Plan

As church fundraising consultants, we are here to form a strategic plan to achieve what is believed to be God’s will for the church. We have 35 years of knowledgeable experience, working with churches and ministries, that is put towards achieving a church’s fundraising goals. All of our strategic planning and implementation have been created using Biblical principles. Our step by step fundraising campaigns bring together the training, coaching, and procedures to ensure the church’s project is a success.

3. Complete The God Given Plan

No vision is brought to life until it has been successfully completed. Stewardship Enrichment educates and moves church staff, leaders, and members to give. How? We are confident that we will be able to successfully present a project and its need for funding. Stewardship Enrichment has completed over 3500 capital campaigns with churches and ministries, from expanding a church building to completing a new children’s area.


Our three step process not only helps churches raise the necessary funds, but it also educates the leaders of the church. Through the education of church staff, leaders, and church members, churches are left with knowledge that can be used over and over again for different fundraising efforts.

However, remember no two church fundraising projects are the same, and Stewardship Enrichment is always happy to help years, or months, down the road when the next fundraising campaign is needed.

Getting Started

If you have been hanging your head in bewilderment, wondering how God will provide the funding for the vision He has given you for your church, have faith! We would love to meet with you and the leaders of your church to help you reach more people with the Word of God.

For more information on creating a church fundraising campaign, contact Stewardship Enrichment through our easy online contact form or call us at (210) 802-8094

Our Process: 3 Steps

Step One: Define Your Vision

Step Two: Create a Strategic Plan

Step Three: Complete Your God Given Plan